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LSA certificate for Viper SD4 in USA

Viper SD4 obtained LSA / Light Sport Aircraft certificate issued by FAA / Federal Aviation Administration in USA

US certificate LSA



Viper SD4 RTC has been certified according to EASA certification specifications CS-LSA Amdt.1. Type Certificate Data Sheet Nr. EASA.A.606. Viper SD4-RTC became the first Slovak certified aircraft, and even one of the few in the world for LSA category (Light Sport Aircraft) with a 600 kg take-off weight.

Certificate EASA.A.606


Video from ceremonial handover of an EASA Type Certificate at a trade show Aero Friedrichshafen 2016




 SPIN tests for CS-LSA

Aircraft Viper SD4 successfully mastered the SPIN tests, which are necessary for obtaining a certificate EASA CS-LSA. The test consists of successfully make the SPIN for 3 seconds. If the plane gets to SPIN, in next turn or the time of 3 seconds, must get out from the spin. The SPIN test result is a confirmation of a high level of safety for the Viper SD4. Please notice the calm behavior of test pilot. Aircraft Viper SD4 meets of Standard ASTM F2245-12d; * Point and meets the safety requirements in the case of not intentional entry into a spin

*Point For airplanes placarded „no intentional spins“ the airplane must be able to recover from a one-turn spin or a 3-s spin, whichever takes longer, in not more than one additional turn, with the controls used in the manner normally used for recovery.