Skyper GT9Discover New Horizons

UL/LSA all-metal aircraft with seats side by side

All-metal high-wing, ideal for traveling, relax flying, and for making the photos and videos

  • Ideal for travel, pilot training, and flying for fun
  • High performance, flight characteristics, outstanding comfort, low operating costs
  • Roomy baggage compartment with advantageous access from the outside of the aircraft
  • Excellent outlooks for unique visual experiences and for making photos and videos
  • Designed according to the Czech UL2-1 and ELSA, German LTF-UL and US LSA requirements for 472,5 kg and 600 kg MTOW

Skyper GT9 is a joint project and a combination of experience, use of TOMARK’s manufacturing capacity, and co-operation of the development team’s professionals from a number of previously realised projects in the field of aviation. This year’s novelty, Skyper GT9, was made by pooling the previously applied knowledge and experience. It is an all-metal high-wing aeroplane, which, by its performance and characteristics, sticks out in many ways in the competitive environment and in the comparison with aircraft of composite design.           


TOMARK, s.r.o. by this news successfully expanding production portfolio and completed the comprehensive range of aircraft technology.

Skyper GT9 - for real aviation gourmets

Skyper GT9 was introduced to the aviation public at the ULM Blois exhibition in France. Since then Skyper actively presents own art at a lot of aviation exhibitions and the airshows in static and flight demo. See the photo gallery of interesting presentation events, exhibitions and fairs, where we would like to meet aviation and Skyper GT9 fans.

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