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Viper at the Airshow - opening of a new airport in Switzerland

At the opening of a new airport Jura Bressaucort (LSZQ) in Switzerland, on 5 - 6 May 2012, the organizers of this event invited the representatives of our company with the presentation the Viper SD4, which superbly impressed the organizers by its great exclusive equipment and gorgeous design at AERO Friedrichshafen 2012.

At that ceremony Viper SD4 presented in a static and a lot of flight demonstrations. His appearance and flight characteristics enjoyed not only pilots but also air fans, who appreciated the extraordinary conduct of the aircraft during the flight, as well as its strength, while maintaining the ease and stability.

These references, as direct evidences were the stimulus to the creation of a new dealership for Viper SD4 in Switzerland. We are happy, so just such direct opportunity, when Viper was so graceful by its capabilities, provided space to creating a new, and we believe that successful cooperation.

After all, the photo shows that despite not always nice and good weather, we could create the following images, from the arrival and the airport, which, according to posters and banners in the hall was held in a spirit of perfect preparation for the arrival of a Viper. Photos were made very exciting especially the beautiful views of the majestic Alps, Swiss countryside, flying in a nice, sunny weather, and particularly attractive photos in the midst of flying blind in the middle of the clouds in a continuous layer of clouds ...

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