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Slovak International Air Fest SIAF 2016

At this year's Slovak international Air Fest SIAF 2016, held at the airport Sliač on August 27 - 28, four pieces of Viper SD4 (present record in SIAF for Viper SD4) and a Skyper GT9, were presented. On the static display, a Viper SD4 – Basic Air Force Trainer - special for basic training for military pilots, had its premiere presentation. It received great response especially in the military and aerospace community. The aircraft is uniquely equipped, with an impressive design, and it is suitable for adepts for basic pilot training in the Air Force. Besides this news, an EASA certified Viper SD4 CS-LSA was also presented.

During the dynamic, excellently performed flight demo of Viper, pilot Dušan Šamko showed excellent flight characteristics, dynamism and gracefulness of movements, but also more daring maneuvers, not quite typical for a small sports aircraft. Viper obeyed very well and the performance was very interesting, impressive, and awarded by audience.

We would like to thank the SIAF 2016 organizers for a well-organized, though demanding event and a great atmosphere at an excellent domestic presentation. We are looking forward to the next year.

Video from flight demo Viper SD4 at SIAF 2016


Photogallery of Viper SD4:


Photogalery of Skyper GT9: