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The Tomark company,spends an enormous attention to the development and careful production of all product parts. Our products are not only a result of advanced technology and CAD - systems that meet the most stringent legislative requirements, but also the result of precise work, with meticulous preparation of proposals from our professionals in engineering and aviation. We are aware that just the human capital is the most important asset in the whole process and our people are basic of success or failure of the whole company and products.


 We highly appreciate that our efforts to produce high-quality products with maximum value for customers is visible not only for our clients and the general public, but also for experts in the field of engineering and aviation. We are pleased to inform you that the prestigious award, which our company has recently acquired


  • The significant moment of the IDEB 2018 for Viper SD4 AFT was award: The Grand Prix IDEB 2018 in the Aviation category

  • Skyper GT9 won significant awards „The Engineering Product of 2014" at the MSV Nitra 2015. The award is a reward for precision present work, and motivation to other activities. The award took the CEO of Tomark, Ing. Daniel TOMKO.



  • On 29 August 2014, Tomark during the festival's 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising andfinalization of preparing to International Air Fast SIAF 2014, obtained at gala evening the price: SLOVAK GOLD WINGS - The National Price of Flying the Slovak Republic in 2013 in the category "Flight industry SR". The price has accepted thel Ing. Daniel Tomko, General director of TOMARK, s.r.o.
  • As part of the International Engineering Industry in 2014 in Nitra, Tomark Company was awarded by the prize of the magazine Engineering/Engineering - the active development of the Czech and Slovak engineering

  • Viper SD-4 obtained at MSV Nitra 2012 outstanding achievement - significant awards "Engineering Product of 2011". We are very proud of this award.
The award is a reward for precision present work, and motivation to other activities. The award took the CEO of Tomark, Ing. Daniel Tomko, from the President of the “Association Mechanical Engineering of Slovakia” Ing. Milan Cagala CSc.
Our exposition was visited by celebrities of political and cultural life. In the first day of exhibition our booth was visited by slovak Minister of Economy Ing. Tomáš Malatinský. He was interested in the advantages and practical use of this aircraft. Minister appreciated the widespread use of Viper- travel, relax, training and special advantage, that the aircraft is all-metal. In particular, he was interested in a rescue parachute system for the whole plane, which is part of the planeand which significantly increases the feeling of flight safety, comfort in every point and any time of flight. Minister of Economy was glad that such all-metal and design-beautiful aircraft we are able to design and manufacture in Slovakia, and also that we can be attractive abroadand make a good name not only the Slovak Republic but also Slovak companies who are trying to move forward and be successful at home and abroad.
  • Opal grain – award of Prešov Mayor
Price “Opal grain” of Prešov is award of significant companies of Prešov region. This prize is awarded for the development and presentation of Presov major corporates. TOMARK, s.r.o. is proud keeper of this award - the significant firm in Prešov.