Certificatesof UL / LSA all-metal aircraft Viper SD4

Certificates Viper SD4

Viper SD4:

  • certified in a number of national enviroments (including certificates from the Czech LAA and the Slovak Aviation Authority)
  • a type certificate issued by the Czech LAA
  • vydaný typový certifikát od LAA ČR
  • possible Certificate of Airworthiness in the Czech ELSA national MTOM 600 kg KET category
  • A number of aircraft registered at SFUL




Certifcate Viper SD4 - towing special (UL category):

Viper SD4 successfully passed the tests to confirm the towing of gliders up to 750 kg. The Honorable Institution in France, the Center National de Vol à Voile, Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban has confirmed the results of the tests and the Viper SD4 obtained a certificate for towing the gliders (UL category) in France.







Czech republika


New Zealand




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