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Carnet de Vol

Report in french aviation magazine Aviasport about ULM aircraft Viper SD4
Aviasport; Read more


Viper SD4 Review

Felipe Santiago A320/FO/ATP/CFI and Juan Carlos Pineda CP/CFI made an awesome review of the Viper SD4. Check it out!
Aviator Zone; Video


Tomark Viper SD 4, all metal, low wing, side by side seating, light sport aircraft

Interview of Dan Johnson with Adrian Lecky, sales agent of Viper SD4 in US
Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer; Video



Light-sport aircrafts are very popular, due to their stable and maneuverability capabilities.
Gema Goeyardi; Read more



Story about a long distance flight across all of Italy with ViperSD4. Departed from Belluno to Palermo the pilot tells his story.
Renato Bassanello; Read more


Viper SD4 costs less than 90 000 $

The two-seater, developed in Slovakia, was previously built and flown under the auspices of Europe’s EASA type certification
Adrian Lecky; Read more


Viper AFT - the aircraft with military training ambitions

The Jenky's report of Viper Air Force Trainer in Flying revue (CZ-SK aviation magazine)
Jozef Jankovič; Read more


Slovakian LSA Design Emerges at Sun ‘n Fun

Proven European all-metal design is introduced in the U.S.
Pia Bergqvist; Read more


Viper SD4 CS-SLA type certification

The company applied for a CS-LSA approval of their very successful microlight/homebuilt aircraft Viper SD-4
aicraft design & certification ltd; Read more


Viper SD4: Fun Czech Cruiser Comes to Town

The Eagle Aircrafts Viper SD-4 is set to disrupt, if you ask Wayman Luy
Amy Laboda; Read more


Viper SD4 LSA Makes U.S. Debut at Sun 'n' Fun 2017

Eagle International Aircrafts used the first day of the Sun ’n‘ Fun Fly-In..
Amy Laboda; Read more


Viper SD4 Initiates First U.S. Flights

Eagle International Aircrafts L.L.C. announced that the FAA has finally certified and approved Viper’s SD-4 for U.S. Market.


LSA certificate for Viper SD4 in USA

Viper SD4 obtained LSA / Light Sport Aircraft certificate issued by FAA 
TomarkAero; Read more


Viper AFT (Air Force Trainer)

I am fulfilling my promise that I gave at the end of August to Gonzo and I will write a few words about a new nice lad in our sky...
Jenky; Read more


L'amusant biplace este certifié CS-LSA

(Viper SD4  - The funny two-seater aircraft is CS-LSA certified)

Quand il fait beau l'appel de l'espace est si fort que je n'ai plus qu'un but: dècoller!

J. Callise (Aviation et Pilote); Read more


Viper SD4 "Primary Air Force Trainer" at NATO Days Airshow (17 - 18 Sept)

Viper SD4 "Primary Air Force Trainer" - Special basic training for military pilots presented on static display at NATO Days in OStrava (CZE).
TomarkAero; Read more


5 aircraft Viper SD4 at ULM Blois 2016 (FRA)

Rich fleet of 5 aircraft Viper SD4 was presented at the Airshow ULM Blois 2016 (August 27 to 28).

TomarkAero; Read more


Four pieces of Viper SD4 & Skyper at SIAF 2016

At this year's Slovak international Air Fest SIAF 2016, held at the airport Sliač on August 27 - 28, four pieces of Viper SD4 (present record in SIAF for Viper SD4) and a Skyper GT9, were presented

TomarkAero; Read more


Slovak International Air Fest SIAF 2016

We invite you to Slovak International Air Fest SIAF 2016 (August 27 - 28) at the Sliač Airport. Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 will present there on static display – „Aerosalón“. Moreover, Viper SD4 (OM-M639) show its art in flight display. Come to us, we look forward to you!

Photogallery from previous years:



European Certificae for the East Slovaks

The Prešov company TOMARK has been on the market for 20 years. Even though today we talk about a prosperous company...; Read more


Skyper GT9 - Premum Economy

Neues Flugobjekt am Himmel der zahlreichen Utraleichten geschtet!

aerokurier; Read more



Probeflüge mit der EASA zertifizierten VIPER SD4 RTC ab sofort möglich; Read more


Tomark Aero Skyper GT9

Bereits der Prototyp fliegt sehr anständig.

Markus Koch; Read more


LSA Viper rejuvenates Aero Club

A new training aeroplane has given a new lease of life to the Wanganui Aero Club (NZE)..

Peter Burke; Read more


Introducing of Viper

Viper SD4 on Introducing of Viper SD4 light sport aircraft at the 2011 U.S. Sport Aviation in Sebring Florida.

Dan Johnson; Read more


Viper SD4 – The new standard in light aircraft

This is a new entry in the sport category with amazing versatility other aircraft can't match.razantne, presne a dynamicky.

Anita Wiliams; Read more