Viper SD4For the joy of flying

  • An all-metal two-seater microlight/LSA aeroplane, ideal for sports, entertainment, and recreational flying

  • Excellent equipment and flight characteristics

  • A great means for touring, pilot training, and glider towing

  • Equipped by the latest flight, navigation, communication, and top monitoring systems with large LCDs, securing an excellent overview

 Viper SD4 RTC has been certified according to EASA certification specifications CS-LSA Amdt.1. Type Certificate Data Sheet Nr. EASA.A.606, and is certified in a number of national environments and aeroplane categories.

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  • Viper SD4
  • Modern and ergonomic interior, attractive design, excellent
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  • Viper SD4
  • Overview of technical parameters for categories UL and LSA
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  • Viper SD4
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Gallery of Viper SD4

With this photo gallery, we would like to bring closer to you the fleet of Viper SD4 aircraft. Their design, manufacture and equipment are made according to the clients’ individual wishes. See the latest manufactured aeroplanes, so that they are, perhaps, some inspiration for you in the selection of the design of your aeroplane.


Why Viper SD4

  • Excellent equipment
  • Superb flight characteristics
  • Modern design
  • and many other reasons...

Read about interesting advantages for the correct choice, WHY VIPER SD4