Manufacture and TestingAircraft manufacturing process

Manufacture of aircraft requires extensive theoretical and practical experience in the field of engineering, cutting, machining, forming and processing of metals, laminates and other materials, mechanics, aerodynamics, electrical and other industries. Production of Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 is realized by precise work of specialists, who have a lot of experience and success of the mentioned fields.


The following lines in an interesting way offer a brief demonstration of work activities in the production process of aircraft Viper and Skyper. Since the main activities of Tomark company is engineering production, the aircraft is all-metal, and the working process of production begins processing the basic material in the manufacture of aircraft - metal (aluminum alloy with additions)


The manufacturing process of aircraft in TOMARK, s.r.o.

  • Initial production aircraft Viper SD-4 is based on laser cutting of sheet metal which can carve parts of the highest quality. After this activity follow the bending and changing the shape of sheet to the target formthat is used for construction of aircraft


  • Photo documentation brings other activities associated with the construction of the fuselage, wings, tail surfaces and other parts of Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9. The fixing of the various parts of the aircraft is used the riveting process. The aircraft is interconnected the thousands of rivets, that strongly hold the metal construction and they are extremely important in terms of safety.



  • After completion of the aircraft parts is performed installation of the engine, devices installation, electrical wiring, and another works to finalize the construction of the aircraft.



  • A special attention we attribute to a thorough control of entire production process. Each process is subject to regular measurement to determine the functionality and completeness the subsequent evaluation of the measured values.

  •  All activities are carried out with maximum emphasis on quality and safety and also to maintain top quality services to the customer. After inspection will happen flight testing and output control. After detailed examination, which is aimed to verify the functionality of each part of the aircraft, components and sub-assemblies, can be the aircraft delivered to the customer.

  • The entire process, from initial production to final inspection is carried out with an emphasis on accuracy, precision, and observance of the highest quality for all operations. This is the main premise of the success of the company and progress of its employees, but, most importantly, this is the principle for customer`s satisfaction and comfort.