SPIN testsfor CS LSA certification

SPIN tests for CS LSA (EASA type certification Viper SD4)

Aircraft Viper SD4 successfully mastered the SPIN tests, which are necessary for obtaining a certificate EASA CS-LSA. The test consists of successfully make the SPIN for 3 seconds. If the plane gets to SPIN, in next turn or the time of 3 seconds, must get out from the spin. The SPIN test result is a confirmation of a high level of safety for the Viper SD4. Please notice the calm behavior of test pilot. Aircraft Viper SD4 meets of Standard ASTM F2245-12d; * Point and meets the safety requirements in the case of not intentional entry into a spin

*Point For airplanes placarded „no intentional spins“ the airplane must be able to recover from a one-turn spin or a 3-s spin, whichever takes longer, in not more than one additional turn, with the controls used in the manner normally used for recovery.


Spin are prohibited on aircraft Viper SD4! Aircraft manufacturer prohibits implement SPIN on aircraft Viper SD4! This is demonstration video of SPIN test on Viper SD4 (with profi pilot, specific preparing and equipment). Successful completion of these tests is mandatory for obtaining a certificate EASA CS-LSA.