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Skyper GT9 is an all-metal high-wing aeroplane, designed for the categories:

UL (Ultralight) and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)

Skyper GT9 has been designed with the emphasis on the usability by all pilots and aviation enthusiasts who favour or give preference to a high-wing aeroplane. Its advantage is not just in its wide usability; its uniqueness should also be mentioned. There are only a few all-metal high-wing aeroplanes in the UL/LSA categories in the world. We are very pleased that, with our new piece, we participate in the development of something unusual and we widen its further beneficial use. All that with the effort to bring only the best and of the best quality for the real aviation enthusiasts. We strongly believe that, like the already proved factory model Viper SD4, Skyper GT9 will also find wide application and win many enthusiasts of this beautiful sport.


Skyper GT9 is ideal for:

  • Comfortable travel

  • Pilot training

  • Adventure and entertainment flying

  • Creation of impressive and interesting photo and video documentation

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Perfect combination of flight characteristics and modern design

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